6 Reasons Why People Should Never Go On Holiday

Hello rare readers. I realise it has been a sickeningly long period of time since I last posted something. Unfortunately for me, the reason for my absence has nothing to do with myself being on an awesomely long holiday or something like that. I understand that the title and this intro together can be really misleading. But in actual fact, I’ve just been busy with doing what seems like absolutely nothing now when I think about it, but it was almost everything back when I was doing it. Don’t you just hate feeling like this? It’s like slogging your entire life away only to realise later that there is no real reason for you to do so. Or at least, you haven’t found one yet.

As usual, I digress. Back to the point. I just came back from a holiday that lasted for about a week, but it is long enough to make me want to write this. The truth is, I rarely go on holiday. This one-week trip is the longest vacation that I had ever been on, and it is also the furthest that I’ve travelled out of my country. To this date, I have only been to four countries, including my own. It’s sad, I know. Which is why I’m really feeling these 6 reasons why I think people should never go on holiday. I apologise beforehand if you are someone about to go on one. I don’t want to be a wet blanket, so I seriously recommend that you save this post for later and read it only when you come back. That is, if you want to, of course.

On the other hand, an emphatic shout out to anyone out there who is still suffering from holiday-induced blues. You’re not the only one. I get them all the time and they can last forever (I still have mine from Christmas).

Photo Credit: Hillebrand Steve

Reason #6: Travelling costs guilt bombs

Let’s get this out of the way first. It is fact that you have to spend at least something to visit another country. Period. You decide if it was worth it or not, but that is not my point. It is the guilt that tags along on your way home. It makes you come up with short-lived resolutions like forcing yourself to scrimp and save so that you go on another wonderful holiday. By the time you break your resolve, you start to wonder why the hell did you have to go on that damn holiday. What’s so good about travelling to strange countries anyway? (This does not apply to rich or spoiled people, and yes offence)

Furthermore, I don’t know about you, but for me, it somehow just feels like a different person handing over that foreign note or coin from another person’s wallet, so it doesn’t always hurt that much. Only until later back home when I convert everything back and I realise how much I’ve spent on a tourist trap of frickin’ tourist traps.

Reason #5: That thing about feeling recharged after coming back from a vacation trip is nothing but a big, fat lie

My flight back was a late night one, so I got home at around 2 in the morning when the insomniacs are at their millionth sheep and the early birds turning in their final dreams of the day. I slept half a day away and woke up on a Sunday afternoon, feeling like a pile of steaming shit because I was no longer waking to a dim hotel nightlight that expected absolutely nothing from me, and I had to go back to work the next day. That was when I realised that it might be better if I didn’t even go on a holiday in the first place. Sundays are always crappy for me but having something to miss made it so much worse.

Then, came Monday morning and I found myself subject to a wide variety of expectant faces everywhere, all smirking at me as if to say, “Lucky bitch went on holiday. Now she must be really feeling the holiday hangover.” Then there are others who expect the myth to be true – that you should be feeling re-energised and ready to take on more work having rested for a week. It is already my third day back and I still feel like a pile of steaming shit so recharged my ass.

Reason #4: Take the number of days you went on holiday and multiply it by eight trillion times. That is the amount of work in crap units that you have to pay back for your (in comparison) pathetically short absence

All the working folks, now put your hands up. I actually closed my eyes in rare prayer and clutched the edge of my seat for dear life while waiting for my office email to load. Everything about work came rushing back to me in that very instant as little envelopes threw themselves in my face. Projects on hold and deadline monsters started to wake from their slumber – all better rested than I could ever be and ready to pounce at me with their deadly, demanding claws any second. Wait, who was the one on holiday again?

Reason #3: It’s like you’re a kid again and someone takes away your favourite new toy – but you’re not a kid so you can’t cry or whine about it although you really want to

I love hotel rooms. It is simply pure heaven to not have to clean up after yourself. Think about it. Bathroom supplies that top up magically every night. Clean towels hanging from a rack without you having to worry about laundry. Beds that make themselves. Dim nightlights that do not transform into another bleak workday, and you wake safely within the confinements of fun. Every single day. It might be a foreign place, but I got used to it very quickly.

I particularly enjoyed waking up every morning to know what the rest of the day would be like. It would be either sightseeing or shopping, and eating or chilling. I became nothing but a mere, carefree tourist, and my world was wonderfully limited to my lack of knowledge of the place I was in. All I had were my besties who were on the trip with me, but it was all I needed in that moment. And I was truly happy.

Then, it’s all over in a flash and I’m back on my own bed on a humid Sunday afternoon, wishing for it all to be nothing but a dream. (Okay, my PMS is kicking in by now so I’m starting to get a little emotional as you can probably tell)

Reason #2: We were in heaven this time last week. Welcome back to reality

Another reason why people should never go on holiday is because of a universal human tendency to wonder about time. Just this time last week during the trip, we were doing some stupid touristy thing that I can’t even recall now but we had one hell of a good time. Another time last week, we were doing some other stupid touristy thing that I didn’t even care for but it is all I want to do right now. I would do it over and over and over again.

To escape. Plus, now that I’m back and trying to readjust to my reality, I realise in a very long while how lame my life can be. It’s not a routine I want to pick up again. But I might not have to bear this horrible thought had I not gone on a vacation.


And here it is, the ultimate reason of all reasons:


Photo Credit: Jon Sullivan

I’m joking, yo. Of course people should go on holiday. Who are you kidding? Vacation trips are one of the rare beautiful things left in this world, so you should go on one whenever you can. Take a break from your world and escape into another that doesn’t particularly belong to anyone – which is what sets us free.

Even if it is only for a while.

But keep this in mind. At least, there was a moment in time when you got a while – all to yourself. Isn’t that all we need sometimes?


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